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Do you ever find that your social media activity gets the better of you?

Do any of these statements below sound familiar?

Where do I start today?

I am getting no engagement!

I spend way too much time on social!

When should I post?

What should I post?

Where should I post?

I can't think of what to say?

I have great copy but nothing!

I wish it was easier!

Does this really work?

Where do I find my ideal clients?

This list could go on and on


STOP right there!

Starting on the 1st of July

I am running a four-week online course covering four of the major platforms on social media.

We will go through the 4 main social platforms in detail:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We get rid of your fears and frustrations.

Your profiles will be optimised to get the best results for YOU.

You will be left with a great understanding of how each platform works and what they, in turn, can do for you.

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Sorry, yes I was shouting there! Writing one post and sharing to all platforms simply won't work! #justsaying

You will fully understand the power behind each platform ~ oh yeah - you don't need to be on all platforms at the same time! 

Your social media will be made clear and easy to manage with a daily structure that suits your business.

You will learn what to avoid and pick up on the best practice to move you and your business forward.

Clarity and focus are the main aims leaving you with a clear path forward and allowing you to work these powerful tools that you freely have at your fingertips.

The course will be run via a closed Facebook group with video modules along with live interaction from me on a weekly basis. Full support will be given throughout and you go at your own pace!

Worksheets will be available to keep you on track.




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Let me help you take away the stress of endless worry about what/when/where and why to post on your social media.

I am running this four-week programme covering social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We will be going back to basics and working up! We will get your profiles optimised to make full use of their potential to get you noticed.

 We will get you following the right people and show you how to find them on each platform.

We will be making content creation easy and I will show you the tips and tricks to help you on your way.

We will cover a lot of ground over the four weeks and I will be with you every step of the way.

No question will be a silly question!

You will learn all about hashtags, the use of, when NOT to use them and so much more.

You will learn how each platform is so different and how they can give you totally different results.

There will be a lot of ground covered and you will be left feeling in total control of your social media routine.

No more wasting time, 

This is a beta round and you work at your own pace from a mix of pre-recorded videos, worksheets and a weekly live Q&A that will also be recorded if you are unable to attend.

You don’t miss out and still have access to whatever suits YOU and you go at your own pace.

The course is designed to be done using the minimal of your valuable time yet delivering huge change and focus on your social media activity.

This first round is coming to you at the amazing value of just

thereafter the course will run for £350


As this is the first round you will get more 1:1 with me than in future rounds.

We start on Monday, the 1st of July.

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I am limiting the course to ten people maximum.

This allows enough time for individual attention from me.

This is going to be fun with lots of learning and you will be left with that brilliant feeling of clarity and ease with regards to your owards journey with your social media.

Time to take control of social media and stop letting the world of social media control you!



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Get Yourself Socially Sorted In 4 Weeks

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